After a couple of weeks, with only intermittent opportunities to get on the treadmill, I was more than relieved to get back out on the pavement this past weekend.

And I am more than a bit pleased with my efforts… particularly given that I stuck an extra couple of kilometres on Saturday’s run:

  • Saturday: 12.11 km – 1:07:41 min – 5’35” pace
  • Sunday: 5.19 km – 28.11 min – 5’25” pace

I was definitely in the zone. 🚀

It’s been three weeks of nothing but the hard monotonous patter of the treadmill due to intermittent travel, a bout of illness, snow1 and a busy end to half-term. So, it was an absolute delight to lace up my Nikes this morning and step out into the crisp late-winter air.

Not a bad time or pace either!

8.65 km – 48:05 min – 5’33” pace

  1. I will run in almost any conditions but I draw the line at snow.  ↩

Fantastic run this morning. The air was fresh and crisp and I kept a consistent pace throughout. Not my quickest time but not far off my average:

10.03 km – 56:40 min – 5’38” pace

My current goal (after reading Footnotes) is to run without music.

Today, I ran the first five kilometres with music at half my normal volume; and the second five kilometres with it at less than a quarter of my normal volume. No impact on my pace and I was even more aware of the world around me…

Less, More and None (2019)

As promised, here are my (Less, More and None) priorities for 2019…


  1. eating out
  2. being wasteful
  3. spending time on ‘urgent but unimportant’ tasks


  1. listening to others well
  2. running
  3. strengthening my core and gluteus muscles
  4. writing
  5. random acts of kindness
  6. buying/eating local foods
  7. reusing and recycling
  8. being selective about the projects/opportunities I say yes to
  9. improving/optimising my organisational systems1
  10. learning how to solve cryptic crosswords
  11. sitting/lying still and listening to albums from start to finish
  12. visiting galleries and museums


  1. looking at my mobile phone when people are talking to me
  2. spending money on unnecessary things
  3. finishing a workout or run and not stretching properly

  1. but, not to the detriment of ‘getting things done’.  ↩