Less, More & None (2021)


  • allowing my task list to build up((Do, defer, delegate or delete.))
  • looking at my mobile phone when people are talking to me
  • reading doomscrolling the news((Once per day is more than enough))


  • exercise
  • reading((After reading 41 books in 2020, I want to challenge myself to read 50 in 2021.))
  • saving money
  • seeking opportunities for personal growth
  • writing


  • making excuses when it comes to exercise((I will get outside and run even if it is icy cold or teeming down with rain. And if I really can’t get outside to run then I will work out at home. There are no excuses. There is always enough time, enough ways to keep to fit, and enough tools (apps/videos/guides) to be able to exercise every day.))
  • skipping my ‘morning reading'((One of my daily rituals is to read from a selection of philosophical and theological texts. It helps focus my mind at the start of the day.))

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James Michie

Husband, Educator, Writer, Runner...

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