Module 2: Assessment for Learning

This module was split into two assignments: A 1000 word critique and 200o word reflection on an a piece of action research.

The selected text for the 1000 word critique was: Black, P. and Wiliam, D. (1998) Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards through Classroom Assessment. King’s College, London.

In offering a critique of the article I was required to assess the validity of the assertions made against the following criteria:

  • My own experiences in the classroom
  • Current school and government policy regarding AfL
  • Further research completed by the same authors since this article’s publication
  • Research that contradicts the article – asking does the research hold up to scrutiny?
  • And to ask – what was left out?

For the action research I decided to enact a ‘no hands up’ policy in my classroom; monitor and reflect on the effect that it had on the learning in my classroom.

The policy really did not work effectively for my students and I. However, the result of completing the action research was that I improved upon my own reflective practice.

The finished assignments can be read by following these links:

As I worked through the module I read a range of texts. The selected texts below represent the ones that came to shape my thinking and also featured in my assignments. I have added links to the texts that are freely available online:

  • Black, P., Harrison, C., Lee, C., Marshall, B., Wiliam, D. (2002) Working Inside the Black Box: Assessment for Learning in the Classroom. King’s College, London.
  • Clarke, S. (2005) Formative Assessment in the Secondary Classroom. London, Hodder Murray.
  • Claxton, G. (2006) Expanding the Capacity to Learn: A new end for education? BERA 2006 Keynote.
  • Davies, J and Ecclestone, K. (2008) ‘Straightjacket’ or ‘springboard for sustainable learning’? The implications of formative assessment practices in vocational learning courses, The Curriculum Journal, 19 (2), 71-86.
  • Dweck, Carol (1999) Self-Theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality and Development, Psychology Press: Philadelphia
  • Groom, D. (2011) Purpos/ed, Retrieved 10 February 2011 from the World Wide Web:
  • McNiff, J. (2002) Action research for professional development. Concise advice for new researchers, Dorset: September Books.
  • Waters-Adams, S. (2006) Action Research in Education. Retrieved 30th March 2011 from the World Wide Web:
  • Wiliam, D. (2010) Assessment Strategies: Dylan Wiliam, Learning and Teaching Scotland: Assessment for Learning, iTunesU, Retrieved 18 January 2011 from the World Wide Web:
  • Wiliam, D. (2010) Innovation that works: research-based strategies that raise achievement. Workshop at SSAT conference, Birmingham, November. Retrieved 28 November 2010 from the World Wide Web:

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