This is my personal blog. I mainly write about educationtechnology and running. By writing this column, I aim to explore, reflect on and evaluate my own learning; sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences.

I also write about productivitydesign and leadership. If this is your first visit, then I recommend you start here:

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  4. How I Lost Weight and Got Fit
  5. Busting a hole in the wall (the purpose of education)

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I have been an educator for nineteen years, having completed a degree in American Studies (2001); a PGCE in English and Media Studies (2003); and a Masters in Education (2010-2013). Currently, I am Vice Principal at The St Leonards Academy in St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.

I married Jennifer (my soul mate) in May 2004. We live in a flat, just a few minutes walk from the beach. I read a wide variety of books and blogs. I’m a film buff, music snob and avid podcast listener. I enjoy art, photography, theatre and I love to travel.


You can contact me by Email, or on Mastodon.


I am currently using a 2014 – 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I do all my writing in Drafts, using Markdown syntax.

My blog is hosted on a European server by Reclaim Hosting and powered by the latest version of WordPress. The design is a moderately customised version of the standard ‘Twenty Fifteen‘ WordPress Theme. The font is IBM Plex Sans which is part of the open source IBM Plex™ typeface.

The rest of the time you will find me attached to my iPhone where I do most of my reading, browsing, and listening. I use OmniFocus and Fantastical to keep my life organised and stress free.


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