Module 3: Developing E-Learning

This module consisted of some excellent discussions about eLearning, initially centred around the Digital Natives debate. However, due to the enthusiasm of this group, this quickly evolved to further reaching and more practical areas. I was pleased that our tutors agreed to change the assignment title so that we could develop a ReLO or ReLP rather than simply writing a theoretical essay as they had initally planned.

The adjusted assignment was as follows:

Design, construct and evaluate a re-usable learning object or process that fulfils a relevant curriculum objective and responds to the learning needs of your pupils. Include a commentary to provide context and explanation of the considerations that you took into account, including relevant points from the literature.

I decided that I wanted to build on the work I had done during the School-based Enquiry and the Action Research I conducted into AfL. The result was a ReLP that encapsulated recording audio with iPads + Garageband, writing in Google Docs, completing various forms of formative assessment via Moodle and Google Docs.

It was thoroughly invigorating to be able to critically investigate and evaluate the use of technology within my classroom. It added further validation to the methodologies and practices that I have been developing over the last nine years of teaching.

As I worked through the module I read a range of texts. The selected texts below represent the ones that came to shape my thinking and also featured in my assignment. I have added links to the texts that are available online:

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