Couldn’t help but think of this quote on my morning run today…

Pain, he said, is nothing more than a mind-set. So he distracts himself with other thoughts — the joy of running, the finish line ahead. Then the pain fades.

~ Kipchoge, Eliud (2018)

Paraphrased by Scott Cacciola in the New York Times.

Pushing through that pain, I ran my fastest 10K yet – 54m 22s, with an average pace of 5m 25s.

More pleasing than that though was that I finally broke the  5 min/km barrier; running one kilometre in 4m 56s and another in 4m 21s. I was flying! 🚀

Running Music

My original approach to running music was a heady mix of dance, pop, rap and rock.

However, I have recently found that the tranquil ambient sounds I use for ‘recovery’ runs work just as well for longer high-tempo runs.

The music is less intrusive. It is there and not there; fading into the background – allowing me to listen to my body and focus on my form. It may be simply happenstance but it has coincided with me posting personal best times for 10km over three consecutive weekends; including my fastest individual kilometre yet (5m 6s) this morning.

As such, I began to compile the various albums and tracks I have been running to into a playlist. It is a work in progress, but this mix might work for you too.

Achieved three personal bests this morning:

  1. Matched my pb 6K average pace (5m 44s) over 10K
  2. Completed 10K in a pb time of 57m 29s
  3. Clocked my fastest kilometre yet at 5m 15s; 14 seconds faster than my previous pb.

Hat tip to Laraaji for this morning’s playlist.

Started with track two: ‘Introspection’ and finished part way into track five: ‘Essence’.