Google Docs in the Classroom – A Discussion

To help clarify my thoughts while writing my School-based Enquiry, I decided it would be helpful to discuss the use of Google Docs in the classroom with a fellow teacher. Oliver Quinlan has been using Google Docs in much the same way as I have and he kindly agreed to be interviewed over Skype. The interview quickly turned into more of a discussion and we ended up talking for 35 minutes. I have broken up the recording into four parts for manageable listening however should you wish to download and listen to a single file, follow this link.

In the discussion we cover everything from collaboration, assessment, live marking, setting up, Google Apps, Moodle, wikis, forums and Google+.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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In the Vital Hotseat

VitalMy colleague, Greg Hodgson, and I are currently hosting a Vital Hotseat adding our knowledge, experitse and opinions to a two week discussion titled: ‘Enhancing Creativity Through Digital Media‘.

Topics under discussion so far include: ‘Getting in the creative habit‘ and ‘Collaborative work with external partners‘.

You need a Vital account to join the discussion but it is free and takes little time to set up. Along with hosting forum based events such as this, Vital also support TeachMeets and provide a wide range of resources for educators on their website.

So please, sign up and join the discussion.