Should I Move My Blog?

Having bought the domain and spent some time creating a landing page, I would like to move my blog to However, Blogger will not allow me to do this as it is neither the original domain nor is it a sub-domain. Therefore, I have been left with a choice. Keep my blog where it is and redirect from (as it does now) or move my blog to a different blogging platform. This could be quite a bit of work and is therefore not an easy decision to make.

When I am struggling to make a decision I turn to mind mapping, so I can way up the pros and cons. Here is what I came up with this morning over a cup of coffee:

should i move my blog

What do you think? Stick with Blogger? Move to WordPress? Or move to Posterous? Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

To view the mind map as a downloadable PDF click here.

So, I finally bought a domain. I almost bought one when I first set up this blog but essentially I chickened out as I was more than a little unsure about the process nor was I sure about how this blog was going to evolve.

What changed my mind? Confidence. The success of this blog; people actually read it! Learning some basic html because I became dissatisfied with the look and feel of my blog. A need to bring my web foot print under control. And finally, to provide a more professional first impression of me for potential employers.

I was very happy to find that “” was available. So I went ahead and bought the domain through “bluehost” – recommended by Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw). I have since spent my time creating a static landing page.

Note on Doug Belshaw: Doug was a fantastic help when I started blogging and continues to be a great help now, giving up some of his free time this past Sunday evening to skype with me and help me understand how to set up a static landing page. Thanks Doug!

I went through some trial and error in the process of building it (I used Concrete5) but I’m happy with the results so far.


I’m thinking of adding a professional looking photo of myself but I think that is where I will stop.

What do you think? Please comment below.