So, I finally bought a domain. I almost bought one when I first set up this blog but essentially I chickened out as I was more than a little unsure about the process nor was I sure about how this blog was going to evolve.

What changed my mind? Confidence. The success of this blog; people actually read it! Learning some basic html because I became dissatisfied with the look and feel of my blog. A need to bring my web foot print under control. And finally, to provide a more professional first impression of me for potential employers.

I was very happy to find that “jamesmichie.com” was available. So I went ahead and bought the domain through “bluehost” – recommended by Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw). I have since spent my time creating a static landing page.

Note on Doug Belshaw: Doug was a fantastic help when I started blogging and continues to be a great help now, giving up some of his free time this past Sunday evening to skype with me and help me understand how to set up a static landing page. Thanks Doug!

I went through some trial and error in the process of building it (I used Concrete5) but I’m happy with the results so far.


I’m thinking of adding a professional looking photo of myself but I think that is where I will stop.

What do you think? Please comment below.

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4 thoughts on “jamesmichie.com”

  1. The domain's the easy bit (I bought one and set my blog up on it last year), but whereas mine has a measly handful of posts, yours has blossomed into an awesome behemoth of fecund productivity. You've become one of my 'must read' blogs.

    But yeah, a new picture might be good. It took a while for me to take you seriously in that hat 😉

  2. Having your own domain is a yes yes. Personally I think the photo is a no no. With all due respect to Belshaw, having it as you have it now looks more pro.

  3. Thank you very much for the kind words Anthony.

    The blogging thing takes time. It has been a massive effort to keep it up as I get involved in so many projects at school. One of the keys for me is using a combination of Google Docs, NoteSync and email to record ideas, thoughts, links etc. I have got into a habit of writing stuff down as soon as it comes to me so that I can include it in a future post. But it's still hard to blog as much as I would like. Hence the AudioBoo stuff. It's so quick and easy to record my thoughts and then throw a few links into a post rather than writing a full post which I will no doubt feel the need to draft, re-draft and re-draft again! I'm a bit of a perfectionist! 🙂

    I'm happy with jamesmichie.com as it is for now I think. I was going to add a picture as indicated in the blog post but I am thinking that I am going to let it be. It has a “flavors.me” vibe which I quite like. I may simply add a short statement like: “Husband, Educator, Blogger, Tweeter” which I have used elsewhere or maybe “…a 21st Century Educator” which I use on my blog.

    I'll decide in a day or two. Currently working on a bunch of blog posts so it can wait for now.

  4. I agree, just think I may add a short 3/4 word statement that offers some biographical info about me. E.g.: “Husband, Educator, Blogger, Tweeter”. But I am liking the minimalism of it too much to add a picture. 🙂

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