Noting for the record:

Recent events have resulted in me using Twitter more regularly. Re-engaging with the network promoted me to update my profile picture1here, there and everywhere. 😉

I deleted the archive of my tweets that I was hosting on my domain as it was out of date and serving little purpose. I also deleted my Mastodon account, as I was not making any meaningful use of it.

This turned into a bit of a digital spring clean. So, I also updated the about page and subscription options on my blog. 🧼

  1. This was long overdue. Thanks to Jennifer Michie for taking and editing the new photo.[]

Blog Feed Update

Those of you who subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed may have noticed some strange chemistry related posts appearing in the feed. These posts were not written by me and if you navigate to via the web you will not find them. I became aware of the problem a few weeks ago and have been trying to rectify it. However, this has not proved successful.

What does this mean? It means that I wil be deleting my FeedBurner feed shortly. If you wish to continue subscribing to this blog you can do so by resubscribing to the following feed address:; or you can follow me via Twitter where posts are pushed automatically.

Unfortunately, for the small number of you who subscribe via Email, I will be unable to offer this form of subscription for the foreseeable future.

[Update: 03.01.13] Email subscriptions are back up and running thanks to MailChimp’s RSS to Email feature. Click on the following link to subscribe:

#edjournal: available to download – NOW!

I am pleased to announce that after a successful online launch of #edjournal, the PDF edition is now live and available to download. You can download it from the site or direct from here. An EPUB version is still in the works but the process is not as straight forward as I had assumed. However, I will persevere and make it available as soon as I can.

Over on the site, I have added the Disqus commenting system to article pages so that readers can add opinions and ideas. We really want to generate discussion around the articles that we publish, so if after reading you feel inspired, please leave a comment. You could ask a question of the author, offer further ideas or start a debate. In the process of doing this I learned how to create my own Google gadget.

There is also now an #edjournal Twitter account. Please follow us at @_edjournal to keep up to date.

Or you can subscribe to the site feed over on the homepage or by clicking here.

Nick and I hope that you enjoy reading #edjournal in its intended format. Comments, ideas, constructive criticism are welcome as usual!