Gen X and Proud!

Warren Ellis on Covid-19…

“I mean, I’m Generation X. We all assumed this was coming, and we’ve all been ready for decades to cut you for clean water. And, since we were the generation left to roam the streets, let ourselves in and sit around alone for hours, we are entirely prepared for all this, because we learned the tools and emotions were dunned out of us early.”

And we didn’t even have the internet until we were in our teens.

United we stand; tattooed, in torn jeans and Nirvana t-shirts, ready to help those who need it. Gen X and proud!

In these dark and sombre times…


“Bear in mind that everything that exists is already fraying at the edges, and in transition, subject to fragmentation and to rot. Or that everything was born to die.”

~ Aurelius, Marcus, Meditations, tr. Hays, Gregory (2002)

Or, grab a towel, hitch a lift on a passing Vogon spaceship, and…

“Don’t panic.”

~ Adams, Douglas, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, (1979)

Currently listening to the Wash Your Hand (Please) Mix. 🦠😷🚀

Image by Jennifer Michie. ❤️