As a Christmas gift to the members of my PLN who: inspire me; challenge me; and regularly make my time spent on Twitter worthwhile, I decided that I would pick one of them each day and tweet out a follow recommendation. 24 in total. Each morning one lucky person will find a tweet, recommending that others follow them, making the rounds.

Each tweet will include a number of reasons why I am recommending that particular person, although for some it will be tough to put across in 140 characters. The tweet will also be acompanied by the hash tag: #24daysofadvent.

I realise that this could be divisive and that I will undoubtedly miss someone who has been a fantastic help. For that I am sorry but I like giving gifts and thought that this was a nice way to do it. If you don’t get picked, I appologise deeply.

To those selected – Merry Christmas!

  1. David Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell)
  2. Andy Wallis (@andywallis)
  3. Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
  4. Julian Wood (@Ideas_Factory)
  5. Nick Dennis (@drdennis)
  6. Bianca Hewes (@BiancaH80)
  7. Brian Sharland (@sharland)
  8. Miles Berry (@mberry)
  9. Jan Webb (@janwebb21)
  10. Shaelynn Farnsworth (@shfarnsworth)
  11. Simon Finch (@simfin)
  12. Kevin McLaughlin (@kvnmcl)
  13. Dawn Hallybone (@dawnhallybone)
  14. Russell Stannard (@russell1955)
  15. Mike McSharry (@mikemcsharry)
  16. Drew Buddie (@digitalmaverick)
  17. Mark Clarkson (@mwclarkson)
  18. Ian Addison (@ianaddison)
  19. Dughall McCormick (@dughall)
  20. Bill Lord (@Joga5)
  21. Helen Morgan (@nellmog)
  22. Kristian Still (@KristianStill)
  23. Chris Allan (@infernaldepart)
  24. Anthony Heald (@antheald)

[Update] Well that’s it, 24 days of advent have passed and tomorrow is Christmas Day. Sorry if you did not recieve a #24daysofadvent recommend. I really enjoyed spreading some festive cheer in this way and may do so again next year. It’s important to give gifts, here’s why.

I am going offline for the next few days to enjoy the seasonal festivities with my family. Merry Christmas!