What does an independent learner look like?

Y12 Media View on IL

Yesterday, I asked my Y12 Media students what attirubutes and skills they feel makes an effective independent learner. This is what they came up with; much of which was echoed by those of us who were involved in #ukedchat last night.

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4 thoughts on “What does an independent learner look like?”

  1. And I am guessing that was the last idea the group came up with (as it is at the bottom of the page). Did you have to eek that point out of the group or did they come up with it, as I find Fear of Failure is a huge obstacle and can contribute to a lot of anxiety around exam times.

  2. Actually, that one I added towards the end of the discussion. It prompted a frank exchange about the nature of their learning at GCSE in comparison with the expectations placed on them at A-Level and beyond.

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