[#ukedchat] Can we really help our students to become independent learners or are there too many constraints?


I have the distinct pleasure of hosting #ukedchat this evening.

The poll is closed and the winning question is:

“Can we really help our students to become independent learners or are there too many constraints?”

In order to address this question effectively, I wish to begin by considering first what is meant by ‘Independent Learning’? What does an ‘independent learner’ look like? One of the strengths of #ukedchat is that the educators who get involved represent a diverse cross-section of the education landscape; from KS1 all the way up to HE. I’m sure that we will all have different perspectives on what an ‘independent learner’ is.

I then wish to address the winning question and consider if it is possible to help the students in our classrooms to become independent learners.

  • What are the constraints (if any) that get in the way of students’ becoming independent learners?
  • How can we as educators (and the students) overcome those constraints?
  • What skills do students need in order for them to take ownership of their learning and become effective independent learners?
  • What strategies do we use to teach and/or facilitate independent learning?

I hope that you will be able to join in with this evening’s discussion – proceedings get underway at 8pm on Twitter. If you’ve never taken part in #ukedchat before, there is advice here on the best ways to get started.

[Update: Saturday, 15 October] This was the 67th instalment of #ukedchat. You can read a summary of the discussion here and download a PDF archive of all the tweets here.

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