Assessment for Learning

At the beginning of every school year my colleagues and I attend our annual school conference. A theme for the year is established, a key note speaker booked and a full agenda planned with the intent of creating a buzz and anticipation about the new school year.

This year’s conference had a ‘back to basics’ focus with behaviour, assessment, progress and homework under the spotlight. I was asked to present on ‘Assessment for Learning’. Having tweeted that I would be presenting on this topic, I received several enthusiastic @replies enquiring as to whether I would share the slides and/or blog about it. Here are the slides that I used:

My aims were: to encourage my colleagues to use technology to support the assessment process; to realise that assessment is a valuable tool which will help students to progress; and to offer some advice on how to make marking and assessment more manageable. The slides on their own do not tell the whole story so if you would like to know more about a particular tool please reply to this post or tweet me @jamesmichie.

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  1. Nice slideshare, James, made me think about assessment again, and how it can just be a tedious admin thing. But sure I like the ‘little and often’ idea, and that students need the feedback after doing work. Of course, this is Really important. But I get caught up in admin structures that don’t relate to the situation well.

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