#edjournal (an update!)

This is a brief update on what’s happening with¬†#edjournal.

If you have written or are writing an article for submission, we have decided to go with the Harvard System of Referencing.

A web based home for the journal is currently under construction. This will include clear direction on how to submit articles, rules for submission and editing and also host the published journal when it is ready.

In the meantime if you added an article title or idea to the following document, now is the time to submit your article for peer review.

Articles for #edjournal

While the website is not yet up and running you can submit your article to one of the following email addresses:

  • jamesmichie at edjournal.co.uk
  • nickdennis at edjournal.co.uk
  • dougbelshaw at edjournal.co.uk

We have opted to use Google docs to host and peer review the articles. Once we have enough articles submitted we will begin the peer review process. More details about this will follow shortly.

Thanks to Andy Kemp (@andykemp) and Peter Richardson (@primarypete_) who have already submitted their articles.

So, if your article or book review is ready please send it in to one of us.

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