#edjournal – Sneak Peek!

Volume 1, Issue 1 of #edjournal is almost ready to be published. Nick is making final edits to the articles that will be featured, while I have been readying the website and designing the PDF/EPUB version.

You can  read the original blog post launching #edjournal here.

Articles to be featured in Volume 1, Issue 1 are:

  • The Changing Shape of Mathematics Education – Andy Kemp
  • What is the role of ICT teachers in 21st Century Teaching and Learning? – Andrea Pellicia (Click through to see this article as it will appear on the website)
  • Looking in the Mirror: Reflective Learning – Peter Richardson
  • Implementing New Technological Tools in Schools – Jan Webb
  • The Boy in the Nazi Jumper: Literacy and Knowledge Creation in the History Classroom – Nicholas Dennis
  • Going on Safari: Games Based Learning in Action – Dawn Hallybone

Here is the front and back covers of the PDF/EPUB version. To create a professional finish I have maintained a minimal style in keeping with the website.








#edjournal will be available very soon. Watch this space!

#edjournal has a home!


The #edjournal website went live this evening. It is still a little rough around the edges but is definitely taking shape.

The site includes a home page featuring the latest updates; an explanation of the journal and its purpose; links to articles currently under review; and rules for authors. A theme has been added and the contact info has been updated. Rules for editors will be added shortly along with further articles as we receive them.

If you wish to know more then head on over to edjournal.co.uk and take a closer look.