This blog [] will be moving to a new home very soon.

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon/evening tinkering with both WordPress and Posterous and have concluded that WordPress will be my platform of choice. I am going to use Posterous for a future #365 project and with my students due to its ease of use. As @stevegillott put it, Posterous is more of a “fire and forget thing”. Which is great for newbie bloggers but does not suit my needs.

I have already set up the WP blog and it is under construction. My new home is “” and you can follow its progress over the next few days as I set it up. I have already transferred two of my static pages from this blog. I have added follow buttons, a CC license, search box, TweetMeme button and I have teaked the CSS chnging the font to Helvetica and the colour of hyperlinks.

When will the move be finished? It is my hope to have the move complete by the end of the weekend. My next full blog post will hopefully reach you from my new home. 🙂