TeachMeet Tees 12: ‘Leashes not required’ (V2)

Tomorrow, I will be presenting (virtually) at TeachMeet Tees 12. Following on from TeachMeet Oxford last week, I have made a few alterations to my presentation on Independent Learning. It is a little leaner; with greater emphasis on strategies and approaches to encouraging learner independence.

Here are the revised slides. Click on the cog to access speaker notes.

To see version 1, as well as a selection of related blog posts and articles (including my M.Ed. research), follow this link: TeachMeet Oxford: ‘Leashes not required’.

TeachMeet Oxford: ‘Leashes not required’

Having spent a considerable amount of time evangelising AfL & Google Docs, I felt it was time to turn my attention towards another topic: Independent Learning. I completed an M.Ed module earlier in the year and it is going to feature significantly in my dissertation.

Therefore, I decided to pull together some of the most valuable (IMO) arguments and ideas I have encountered so far; alongside some of the strategies and tools that I have been using with my students; seeking to help them become more independent learners.

I’m giving the presentation it’s maiden run at TeachMeet Oxford this evening. Here are the slides, click the cog to access my speaker notes.

Useful Links:

[TeachMeet Clevedon] AfL & Google Docs

Yesterday evening, while I was participating in Year 10 Parents Evening, a fantastic set of educators convened on Clevedon School for TeachMeet Clevedon. Organised by the inimitable Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist), the event was packed full of innovative and thought provoking talks. You can watch a number of these presentations on the TeachMeet Clevedon YouTube channel.

Unable to attend the event, I recorded a video, presenting the work I have been doing with Google Docs to enhance Assessment for Learning. (Point of note, for someone who suffers from perfectionism, presenting live is so much easier than recording something in advance.)

Slides (Click on the cog for download options)

You can read my M.Ed research here: Does the collaborative functionality of Google Docs allow educators to better put formative assessment at the heart of their students’ learning?

A series of blog posts about my experiences, using Google Docs in the classroom, can be found here:

Part 1: Signing Up
Part 2: Collaboration
Part 3: Assessment
Part 4: What’s Next?

All of my work is published under a creative commons licence. You are free to use and share it, all I ask is that you acknowledge me as the source. Feedback is always welcome.

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