Boo #3: #TMMoodle, #ETRU & #readforjoy


TeachMeet – Wiki
Lessig method
My TeachMeet Moodle blog post
TeachMeet Moodle – Wiki
#TMMoodle – Twapper Keeper archive
My TeachMeet Moodle blog post at Open Source Schools
Daniel Needlestone’s refelctions on #TMMoodle
Dai Barnes’ #TMMoodle blog post
This weeks #ETRU flash meeting
Subscribe to the #ETRU podcast via iTunes or RSS – A place to share Moodle courses
PodCamp – An alternative style of unconference
#teachread (or should that be #readforjoy?)
World of Books – Google Maps


Miles Berry (@mberry)
Daniel Needlestone (@nstone)
Dai Barnes (@daibarnes)
Helen Morgan (@nellmog)
Tony Shepherd (@grumbledook)
Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
Bill Lord (@joga5)

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4 thoughts on “Boo #3: #TMMoodle, #ETRU & #readforjoy”

  1. Great reflection! – I thought the slides were good – I just avoid using them as I think if you are going to show slides you should do something good and snappy – which you did – obviously it wasn't perfect – but that's teachmeet, it's the rough edges that make the atmosphere and informality, there shouldn't be the pressure on teachers to feel they are keynote presenters!

    Thanks for summarising everything – I've been a very naughty edtechroundupper recently, not been for ages, must catch up with you all!

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