Current status:

Working on my ‘inspiration list’. 💭 A great idea from Colin Devroe’s personal blogging tips.

He kindly commented on my most recent post where I had unearthed an old list of ten things I had learned after a year of blogging.

Sharing his own list of tips, all of which rang true, the following one struck an instant chord:

“In your notebook or notes app write down some topics you’d like to write about someday. Make it long. Like, 50 items. Don’t worry too much about what should be on it just start writing the list down. When you can’t think of anything to write about look at that list and simply pick any one at all and check it off.”

This is a great idea which aligns perfectly with my goal to write more this year. ✍️

Thanks Colin. 🤝


Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Thank you Steve, I was never fortunate enough to meet you but as my fingers tap away on a product you and your amazing team at Apple brought to the world, I can honestly say that I came to know you very well.

The elegance, precision and sheer wonder encapsulayed within every Apple product I have bought is a testament to the standards you set for yourself and those who were fortunate enough to work with you. Many articles will be written for months to come reflecting on your legacy. In no short measure though, each one will speak the truth when they innevitably conclude that you changed the world for the better.

Your vision, your courage, your unrelenting determination to keep changing the game was an inspiration to all of us.

Rest in peace Steve.