In the wild and extended!

Brett and David (Elastic Threads) have just released nvALT 2.1, the latest version of their Notational Velocity fork. A number of updates have been included. A particularly  useful addition is the auto-pairing of matched characters. David has also developed extensions for Chrome and Safari, enabling you to create notes from a snippet of text or a whole page.

If you’ve already been using nvALT 2.0 you can up date from within the app, if not get it here. You can read more about the updates here: nvALT 2.1 in the wild, and here: nvIt – Chrome and Safari extensions for nvALT.

If you want to know why you should be using nvALT, read this: Perfect ‘Simple’ Note Making, and this: Notational Velocity – Freedom To Write!

Erm… did I mention that I love Notational Velocity?

nvALT 2.0David Halter (Elastic Threads), creator of my favoured NV fork has teamed up with Brett Terpstra, creator of the much coveted nvALT. It is a marriage made in heaven combining all of the great features of both forks.

I didn’t think I could love this app any more than I already do, but nvALT 2.0 adds such a fine array of features while maintaining the minimalist ethic of the original build that it is hard to not be impressed.

To find out exactly why I love Notational Velocity so much, check out the following posts:

You can find out more and download nvALT 2.0 here; please consider supporting the project by donating.

Notational Velocity ‘Forked’!

Having written a post only a few weeks ago about Notational Velocity, I was elated to read a brief posting from Shawn Blanc about a ‘forked’ version of my favourite writing app. The altered and improved version was developed over at the elastic threads blog. It adds the following UI goodness to an already fantastic app:

  • Fullscreen
  • Switch between horizontal/vertical layout of the notes list
  • Show/hide the notes list
  • [Update] Low contrast and user customizable themes

Each of these useful additions (I’m making use of the fullscreen mode as I write this post) come with keyboard shortcuts, maintaining the simplicity and philosophy of the original app.

There is also a menu bar function added along with the ability to hide the dock icon. This I am not so fussed about as I hide my dock any way and I have mastered the shortcuts for navigating around NV quickly.

The horizontal list of notes however is excellent, altering the UI to look more like an iPad app, which is highly pleasing!

Here is a [updated] direct link to download the ‘forked’ version [2.0 β3et (6.67)] of NV. Enjoy!