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I’m all signed up for Connected Courses, a MOOC seeking to connect educators interested in “developing online, open courses that embody the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web.”

Having already ran a small open online course as part of my M.Ed., I am excited to explore this model of learning further; drawing on the experience of educators who have played a direct role in its development pedagogically and technically.

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    1. Likewise…

      I’m just enjoying reading through some of your blog posts on connectivism and rhizomatic learning. Dave Cormier’s (and others: Siemens, Downes, et al.,) work is fascinating. It featured heavily in my dissertation for my M.Ed.

      Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in #rhizo14. I started a new role last year and it limited my time to engage in the online sphere. Hoping that #ccourses will be the kickstart I need to immerse myself once again.

      My intro to MOOCs and connectivism came via Jim Groom and Alan Levine via #ds106 but the MOOC that really helped me get to grips with it all was #moocmooc. You might like to read my posts from that experience given your interest in cMOOCs:


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