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I think the design of the app is very elegant. The UI and UX are highly intuitive but I feel that there is a limitation in the shape as I have tried to demonstrate above.

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  1. Indeed this is an issue. First thoughts is to have more than one tile with the label ‘audience.’ It is also possible that this is not the right tool for this example.This is an issue to mull over. Does it change by change the shape? I am not sure it does,

  2. Agreed – I think it has potential and whichever shape you choose it will eventually result in the same issue.I will be very interested to see and experiment with the final iteration though, I can see lots of potential use.Could also open up different types of thinking/logic, e.g.: Perhaps you need to find terms/concepts to link audience to the other terms? Extending thinking?

  3. I hope that the easy edit will lead to some teachers using the tool to get students to generate revision tools as well as teacher lead activities.Harry used TL last night to practice spelling – he gave it a thumbs up verdict.

  4. Agreed. My feeling with most tools of this nature is that they are most powerful in the hands of either an individual learner or small group, either on a laptop or iPad. Let them take ownership and develop their own use cases.

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