In(ter)dependent learning – Assignment # 1 – #crit101

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How do you define independent learning (skills/characteristics)?

  • Definition of term #1 : independent

Independent : not depending on something, anything; in other words free. Another synonym which also fits in this case: autonomous.

Autonomous : Self-governing, intelligent, self-aware. Also, acting on one’s own, without being governed. Self-directed is another term which helps define autonomous, without external control nor constraints.

  • Definition of term #2 : learning

Learning : It’s an act, it is also an accumulation of knowledge.

Knowledge : a general understanding or familiarity with a subject. Also a mere awareness of a fact or situation.

Therefore, independent learning would be making myself aware of things by chosing my way of getting the information I need.

Can you learn to become a more in(ter)dependent learner?

Chosing to learn following one’s personal method doesn’t mean doing it alone. Sugata Mitra explains well, through his famous ‘a hole in a wall’ method, how one learns from others as well as how one may , at some point teach others.