Week 6 Assignment

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When i first came into this course, i had a few in(ter)dependent learning skills, for example i had worked in teams or by myself in school, but that was really the only time that i had got that opportunity

After the first few weeks, i realised and gained skills that i never even knew i was capable of, this course has not only helped me to expand my knowledge on in(ter)dependent learning and how much more beneficial it is to work in a team.

I learnt that the research that i do and the time that i take to analyse is a very important factor of in(ter)dependent learning as it not only expands my knowledge but it also gives me an insight to other views and opinions which is a very important thing.

I will be coming away from this course with new skills and knowledge, and i know that because of this course,and because i have worked with people that i have never met before i will now be in so much of a better position for university as the majority or their assignments are in(ter)dependent involved and without this course i feel that i would have been going into it with minimal knowledge and then i would have panicked, but now i feel prepared and i feel like i am now so far ahead other entrants.

Thank you for this opportunity and it had been my up-most pleasure to be involved