Week 5- Due Sunday 14th April 2013

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The process of creating and editing the video?

I found the process of creating a video fun as it was a creative and collaborative way to learn. I found that thinking of what section I would do in the video as I wanted it to be appropriate and worthwhile (for me and my group.) However, I found creating the video clip good fun as it was creative and gave me independence as I could do what I wanted within my section. Although, I found sending my video clip to my partner hard as I was unsure how to export the click. Despite, a slight delay I asked my teacher and he helped me. Then I emailed my section to our group editor (Nadia.) Nadia was very good at editing the clips and I believe that our final outcome was really good.

How this activity has contributed to your development as an in(ter)dependent learner?

This task has helped me to become independent as I got to design my section myself and I had complete creative freedom. This task has been the first so far that I have developed my in(ter)dependent learner skills as I made an effort to contributed to the team discussion and give key points and ideas. So far this task has helped me the most with confidence and team building. Although, I did have to rely on my teacher for an uploading query as I tried to find the answer but I couldn’t find it.

The link to the finished video clip: