Reflection – Assignment # 6 – #crit101

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I chatted with a friend the other day. She participated in the other MOOC I followed end of last of year, ITyPA. She had been, more than me, very involved almost from the beginning by making a very good use of Etherpad-like documents (hosted by Framapad): managing people, succeeding week after week to produce a synthesis of what people had read, wrote about, picked up here and there from past experiences, etc.

When the MOOC ended – last video was shot mid December 2012 – she, along with a few others, decided to capitalyze on what had been produced, not only by themselves but also by others. The point was to go beyond the little community they had built up over the 10 weeks the MOOC lasted.

That MOOC is said to have been a success, the 4 who conducted it, received great reviews from their peers. 3 months after, one can still read articles, every now and then, about it. After all, it was said to be the first MOOC in French.

Why was it a success? I’d say my friend, along with a few others, was very instrumental in making it so. Still, out of 1300 who registered I couldn’t make a list of more than, what, 30 attendees who were really involved, who produced something, anything.

A success, really?

I, for one, constantly wondered where the center of gravity of that supposedly massive course was. The 4 speakers, because it was a cMOOC, purposely never got involved, never gave a hand to anybody be that to create a blog or choose a platform via which one would communicate with other attendees. After all doesn’t ITyPA, the acronym, mean Internet, Everything is there to learn/teach ? It was first and foremost everybody’s business to create and manage one’s own knowledge management.

None of that with this MOOC. Does that make it a lesser cMOOC ?

I believe the number of people who attended this one is way smaller, I understood many of them were rather young. This would have made any review by one’s peers quite tricky given the difference in age, culture, maturity and language in my case.

I would say this MOOC taught me less than it actually confirmed how the learning process should be like for any chance of success. A blog is definitely a plus if only for gathering infos but most importantly bring about any cathartic process. This is how I realized, some 10 years ago, that I had to take a chance and leave my job, take another one, move to a different city, then abroad.

Also, learning with like minded people. It is what I missed most in this case, a few, 2, occasions excepted.

I was curious about the badging process. Credential is what lacks the most in MOOCs, in my humble opinion. How, what, where and when people learn comes second to what will rate their achievements (or the lack thereof), in the end. This still needs to be worked on but the idea is there.

Next MOOC is due to start on the 18th of March. It is about project management, one never knows enough about it. I am confident that having attended MOOCs will definitely be an asset because it not only gave me tools but helped me decide how to build my PKM.

Synthesis and Evaluation – Assignment # 5 – #crit101

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It all started with the usual difficulty of getting in touch with anybody in the group I was assigned to work wih. This time, having to produce a video, we needed to meet synchronously which can be, apparently, an even tougher challenge to many. We needed to work synchronously AND rather early as making a video, not having a clue as to who wants to do what and when, can be a huge time sink.

Hello @ca73y, @treksartist, @reece_garside can we decide on a day we could meet…

@plerudulier @treksartist @reece_garside Meet difficult due to time zone diff in Oz. Have images to get us started…

— Catey Chen (@ca73y) February 21, 2013

— Pascal Le Rudulier (@plerudulier) February 19, 2013

1/2 : @ca73y @treksartist @reece_garside looks like tomorrow, Friday, from 19:00 until 21:00 (UK time) is when we’ll meet, on line. — Pascal Le Rudulier (@plerudulier) February 21, 2013

@plerudulier @treksartist @reece_garside Have added time to doodle

— Catey Chen (@ca73y) February 21, 2013

2/2 : @ca73y @treksartist @reece_garside online meetup, on Google docs and/or Google+? Suggestion: Google+ > Hangout > Video

— Pascal Le Rudulier (@plerudulier) February 21, 2013

Here’s what our duo came up with after a 1 and half hour hangout session. Credit to Catey who managed to make something out of the discussion.

Work in progress (The sentence will go when the post is ready)

Reading and analysis – Assignment # 4 – #crit101

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I started the week with a new idea about how to improve the note taking and it occured to me that up until now I had not made any mindmap! I like the concept and I certainly enjoyed making them as well as using others’ when I attended another MOOC, ITyPA, end of last year.

Here’s what I produced, using Mindmeister:

#crit101 - reading and analysis

Click to surf to the actual result. Don’t be surprised, if you find this blog/post late to not find it as I only have a free account on Mindmeister thus a limited number of maps there.

Only today did I realize although I had made the map public I failed to realize I could have also made it possible for visitors to not only view it but edit it. It would have made the Google+ session on Wednesday even more interactive in addition to 80+ comments posted on the community within 1 hour.

Speaking of community… During ITyPA we had a least once a week a hangout session gathering a few participants. I tried, twice this week alone, with people attending this MOOC: nobody showed up.

Hence my tweet yesterday:

At least I made my hangout session useful, writing this week paper while sharing it, live. Had anybody showed up we could have worked on it together.

Following pic is a screenshot of today’s hangout, as an example of what is possible.

Hangout screenshot

The article we had to comment proved to be difficult to grasp. I would normally skip that kind of post. I like funny and I like serious but when both do collide the mix is … not to my taste as I constantly wonder whether it is made up or based upon solid documentations. I tried to cover all points : the scientific, the cultural, the religious, … I wish I had other members of the group I was in to work with and go deeper when necessary here and there.

Validity and Reliability – Assignment # 3 – #crit101

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I must say Graham R. Briggs’ videos are just the kind of stuff I long to find while browsing the net. I immediately subscribed to his production, hoping there’ll be more, as well as added him on Google+. As for the other papers, I read them and … forgot them just about as fast. All links are neatly bookmarked for me to retrieve them should I need to but I must admit I didn’t enjoy the whole exercice, having to be on my own, digest their content and not having anybody to discuss with about it all.

I felt frustrated enough I had to let it out one way or the other hence the Tweet I sent earlier as well as the post made on G+, on the Crit101 community recently created. I believe that since it exists, it might as well make itself useful.

Today is another day, There’s a fire in the fireplace and I have a cup of coffee standing next to this laptop. I had a reasonable night sleep and I’m seeing things not differently but better I think. I feel that the papers I read, although rather deeper than what Graham R. Briggs was speaking about, were missing important elemenst: the illustration and the possibility to interact. I can read, thank you very much, but what good is it to have all validy variations enumerated (external, concurrent, face, jury, …) without anybody having a scenario he or she would have lived to picture them?

I read somewhere that kids, whenever they need to know about something, tend to look it up on Youtube. They want more than just texts and images but a scenario, a context and someone taking them there and giving explanations. This is how I’m learning how to program for that matter, at least for introductions, so as to start on the right foot.

Best way to cook and egg – Assignment # 2 – #crit101

Originally published here.

James Michie created a Google doc and assigned a few persons in it. The first issue was clearly: how the hell was I supposed to cooperate/cowork/collaborate co… whatever when I didn’t even know any of the participants?

How would you, anonymous reader of this temporary blog, do it?

Have you ever organized a meeting with your friends (going to a concert, a festival, any gathering for that matter) in some remote place none of you knew? I have, more than once : Let’s meet by the church, by the cityhall, … was usually the way to would solve the getting together issue.

No friends (yet!) here, hardly any possibility to contact them then – besides email but those guys might not use email all that much / Twitter could have been another option but … in my humble opinion it is a poor way of communicating plus why polluting my followers’ TL with anything that might be of very remote interest to them ? – remains : the place = the Google doc.

So I started to check in regularly. Then I left a couple of comments, as a trace, as much to better understand how things were meant to be done as to let know that one of the participants, me, had been there.

Long story short: Nothing of substance really came out until Friday actually, when Emma came up with the idea of a questionnaire.  The rest is a question of lighting the fire and keeping it burning: I relayed the questionnaire to all my followers, using Twitter, Facebook, Scoopit, Linkedin even.

Was I effective as collaborator? My first reaction would be: why don’t you ask the others? Honestly, I think I was more instrumental in kick starting the whole thing than in the writing up of the paper itself. My first conclusion, based upon a small number of votes, still holds true though.


Want to know the best way to cook an egg? Scrambled … or Soft boiled. There’s no doubt as to why people voted for a type of cooking it or another: the taste.

The week started slow, I must admit I was a bit worried how it would end. I am less now although remains to be seen whether it’ll continue like that of if, as I’d rather, we will manage to build a team anyone of us will be able to trust in weeks to come.