#crit101 – The Interview

Pascal le Rudulier is a fellow educator with an interest in MOOCs. As such, he signed up and participated in version one of #crit101. After completing the course he asked if he could interview me. I readily agreed and what follows is the outcome.

We covered a range of topics including: my motivations for creating the course; how I put it together; the highs and lows experienced in version one; and what I hope will come out of version two.

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5 thoughts on “#crit101 – The Interview”

  1. Thank you James (and Pascal!) for sharing this. It’s a fascinating discussion and I really admire your honesty and depth of thought re: MOOCs, particularly in a secondary education context. Lots of food for thought… well worth the watch 🙂

    1. Thanks Helen… it was a great idea (hat tip to Pascal) that really helped me to clarify and pull together my thoughts on several areas:

      – How I had constructed the course;

      – How v1 went – successes and issues;

      – Where my thinking currently is re: MOOCs and Independent Learning.

      It’s that old adage about the benefit of being able to ‘talk something out’. Really helped me find clarity.

      I’m glad that you found it useful and I hope that we can perhaps catch up sometime to share our thinking on these topics. Even when v2 of #crit101 comes to an end and I’ve completed my data collection, i won’t be done. I intend to continue iterating in order to offer the course again next year and potentialy other courses too. I think this is a very exciting area for education at all levels.

  2. This is wonderfully reflective, and worth about a thousand of those analytical blog posts on what MOOCs are all about. I really wasn’t expecting to listen for a whole hour, but I did. Thanks a lot!

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