MOOC MOOC – Day Three (Learning is Messy)

I was unable to participate in MOOC MOOC yesterday as I had a full day visiting with family. While I managed to fit in some reading in the evening, I didn’t have the time to complete the task. Therefore, I got up early this morning, finished writing a post reflecting on Day Two, and then began work on Day Three’s activity.

We were given a video to watch and then asked to make our own, responding to the question: ‘Where does learning happen?’

I enjoyed the task as it gave me the opportunity to share a number of ideas that I have been ruminating on for several months now; influenced by the focus of my research proposal for the M.Ed I am studying towards.

I don’t feel too bad about not being able to participate fully yesterday, as I feel MOOCs are as much about plotting your own path as they are about networks and collaboration. I hope to get involved in a discussion about participant pedagogy today, as that is what we have been tasked with, but I will just see what the day brings. I have collated a number of articles about connectivism and my immediate plan is to sit and read those next. The learning is messy but I am managing to create order from the chaos.

Why what and not where?

Don’t miss out because you are always focussed on where you are going.

Focus on what instead. What were you doing last year and how were you doing it? What are you doing now? And most importantly what could you be doing to improve and make yourself better?

By focussing on what you do and how you are doing it, the where will take care of itself.

Or, in other words: don’t spend your time dreaming, spend your time doing and you will get to where you are supposed to be.