Blogging – Categories, Tags or Labels

With the 6PM deadline looming I wanted to remind you to add #crit101, as a category, tag or label, to your posts depending on your chosen platform. Adding #crit101 allows me to syndicate your posts to the Critical Skills 101 blog, increasing their visibility.

If you are using WordPress¬†(self-hosted or, please add #crit101 either as a ‘category’ or a ‘tag’.

If you are using Blogger, please add #crit101 as a ‘label’.

If you are using Tumblr, please add #crit101 as a ‘tag’.

If you are still unsure about any of the above drop me an email or a tweet.

Syndicating Posts, Comments & Tumblr

During the course posts that you publish will be syndicated here as part of the main blog feed. They will link directly to the original post, encouraging your fellow participants to visit your site and read your posts. Please remember to include #crit101 in the post title as well as the post category, tag or label, depending on your platform of choice.

Also, commenting on posts during the course is to be encouraged. As I said in the opening lecture yesterday, this is an interactive course and success is dependent on how well you work with the your peers. With this in mind, there are a number of you using Tumblr. There is nothing wrong with that, but unlike Blogger or WordPress, Tumblr does not support comments. Do not fret, there is a solution. You can install the Disqus comment system. Sign up for a free account and follow these instructions.

If you need more help with this please drop me an email or a tweet.