#crit101 v2 – Week Five

In week five #crit101 is turning its attention to synthesis and evaluation. The week five page has been updated with the video lecture, reading material and information about this week’s assignments.

This week’s assignment is collaborative and involves video. It should be both challenging and enjoyable. I have tried to include as much information about this in the lecture and on the blog. But as always, should you have questions or need help, please turn to the community and ask.

The weekly Twitter discussion will be on Wednesday (10.04.13) between 6PM and 7PM (BST).

#crit101 v2 – Week Four

In week four #crit101 is turning its attention to reading and analysis. The week four page has been updated with the video lecture, reading material and information about this week’s assignments.

This week’s Twitter discussion will take place on Wednesday 3rd April between 6PM and 7PM (GMT).

This week’s assignment is a paired activity and requires you to critique a given article. Once again Google Docs will be used to complete the assignment. Check your inbox to see who you are working with and to find your invite to your Google Doc.

*Apologies for the background hum in this week’s video. The fan in my MacBook Air went into overdrive part way through the recording.

#crit101 v2 – Week Three

In week three #crit101 is turning its attention to validity and reliability. The week three page has been updated with the introductory video, reading material and information about this week’s assignments.

After a second week with a low turnout, I sent you all a survey about your preferred time to meet on Twitter. With 49% of the vote: 6PM – 7PM has come out as the popular choice. Therefore, this week’s Twitter discussion will be on Wednesday (27.03.13) between 6PM and 7PM (GMT).

Also, don’t forget to read and comment on each others blog posts. Some of you got stuck in with this process right away but others didn’t. It is a very important process in developing discussion around the skills you’re learning as well as providing a layer of support for one another as you continue your journey towards becoming a more in(ter)dependent learner.

* Pre-warning: #crit101 does not stop for Easter break – the fun continues with work on reading and analysis (week four); synthesis and evaluation (week five).

#crit101 v2 – Week Two

In week two #crit101 is turning its attention to research and enquiry. The week two page has been updated with the video lecture, preamble, reading material and information about this week’s assignments.Like last week there will be a Twitter discussion on Wednesday (20.03.13) between 7PM and 8PM (GMT). I hope that more of you are able to join in this week!

The main assignment in week two requires you to conduct research and work collaboratively with your peers using Google Docs. More information about this is available on the week two page and is explained in the video lecture.

Well done to all of you who submitted your first post. They made for interesting reading. I was also pleased with the quality of comments. To make this even more meaningful it is important for you to read and reply to the comments left on your posts. It’s all about the conversation!

Blog Posts and Comment Groups

Just a brief reminder that your first blog post is due at 10:00AM tomorrow morning. I’ll be syndicating your posts to the #crit101 blog, using the blog address that you provided. This allows you to see what your fellow participants are writing.

Don’t forget to include #crit101 as a tag, label or category.

Additionally, it will allow you to find the work of the people who are in your comment group.    The comment groups are as follows in case the email I sent you got lost along the way.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Also, if you are using Tumblr, you need to install the Disqus comment system in order to be able to receive comments on your posts. There are instructions here.

I’m looking forward to reading your first posts! 🙂