#crit101 – The Interview

Pascal le Rudulier is a fellow educator with an interest in MOOCs. As such, he signed up and participated in version one of #crit101. After completing the course he asked if he could interview me. I readily agreed and what follows is the outcome.

We covered a range of topics including: my motivations for creating the course; how I put it together; the highs and lows experienced in version one; and what I hope will come out of version two.

What is #crit101 v2?

Tomorrow, version one of #crti101 comes to an end. I’ll be reading participants’ (#critters) final posts and reflecting on their responses to the course evaluation. Having received quite a lot of feedback already and with time pressing, I have already made some changes in preparation for version two which begins on Monday 11th March.

Some of the changes have been made in response to participant feedback, while the rest have been made to more closely align the course with the principles on which it was built; which I wrote about here.

Below are updated slides explaining ‘What is #crit101 v2?’ Enrolment is open. v1 was very successful; I hope to make v2 even more so.

Why should I enrol in #crit101?

Quite rightly some of you have asked why you should enrol in #crit101?

Here goes:

  • To improve the way that you learn outside of the classroom
  • To improve on and develop a set of skills that can be used across all of your A-Level subjects
  • To develop skills and prepare for the rigours of learning at University
  • To learn to be a more independent learner
  • To engage in new ways of learning that you are likely to encounter at University or within your chosen workplace.
  • The course is something that you can put on your University application and CV
  • The skills are accredited and can be added to a personal blog, website or online CV
  • It would give you that something extra to discuss at an interview

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by Email or Twitter.