Assignment 4

Originally published here.

This weeks assignment on what came first, the chicken or the egg? was an extremely interesting title to be given.

The person that i was paired with and i, worked very well together, discussing what needed to be done and how we were going to sort out who did which part. We handled it very well, and together with our own research, i believe that we overall produced a very thorough essay, giving research and data from both sides to the argument, for or again the egg/chicken.

I believe that our conclusion and introduction give a clear insight to the chosen area topic and a good closing of analysis of the ‘Critique’ section. I believe that this section provides a wide variety of various opinions and theories related to this topic and therefore making the conclusion easier to write and generalise.

This weeks assignment has given me the opportunity to work in a pair, which in my opinion is a lot easier and helpful than working in a group, although that is also very helpful and necessary in future life. From this assignment, i have learnt the importance of analysis and how it is not always about explaining or describing but it is more about the analysis of the data that you provide, being able to break it down into parts until it becomes understandable. Being able to analyse a question that nobody is 100% sure of the answer to was a very useful and helpful technique that will most definitely help me if future experiences like this.