Why I want to participate In #Crit101

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I want participate in #crit101 as I see it as an opportunity to aquire new skills and would like to become a more independant learner. This is because at the moment I'm quite a dependant person, and often need help or reassurance that I am doing the task correctly. I also hope this will be beneficial to my self-motivation and hope that by the end of the six weeks, I will have a more determined attitude towards work and learning.

How do you define independent learning?
Originally I defined independent learning as working and learning on your own without depending on others for help and therefore learning on your own completely. I believed this as it seems to sound right that independent would mean on your own. However after reading this weeks articles and watching the videos I have now know that independent does not mean on your own but can also mean working with your peers and using each other to develop better ideas. 

Can you learn to become a more interdependent learner?
I personally think that you can learn to become a more in(ter)dependant learner as before reading this weeks article I assumed that motivation and self-determination came naturally and therefore if you didn't have it then it would be hard to stay focused. However the articles actually gave me a lot of motivation as I realised that it all depends on your attitude and thus if I now have more motivation after reading a few articles then I do believe that you can become a more independent learner. Although I think that it is important to have peers that can help you and who you can help as this is vital for becoming a more independent learner.