Week Two

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This weeks #crit101 was definitely much tougher than last weeks as it included collaborating with others to conduct research on the best way to cook an egg. We had a google docs document shared between us and on that is where we carried out our discussions and our final conclusions. However, it was quite difficult to find a time where we were all on and researching, but we did manage in the end as we gave each other roles. I created the survey and retrieved the findings from there as well as looking on websites, Rosie looked in some cook books and Eleanor researched websites and articles.

From this, I learnt that the researching process isn't as simple as it seems as it's hard to find what you're actually looking for as there are such a wide variety of things that come up with no relevance to what you've searched. Moreover the primary research we got was easier to find, but it took longer as we had to wait for responses. However, the reading for this week really helped with the online research as one of the documents we were given to read had a lot of information and tips on how to research from a search engine. This also taught me short cuts and how to find what I was specifically looking for.

I personally think we were very successful in carrying out this assignment as although it was quite a long process we each got the work done to form the research that we needed and from that we could make valid judgements on the best way to cook an egg. A link to our finished project:

I think I was a good collaborator as even though at first for a few days I hadn't looked on the shared google document, when I had a look and started the discussion with my peers, I cracked on with my research, created the survey and posted it on twitter. As well as this, I got started on the introduction, methodology and findings in which Eleanor helped along the way and edited anything that may not have sounded right. Eleanor got started on the conclusion and I think we worked well together. Although, it's a shame Rosie did not help with the written assignment.