Week one: In(ter)dependent learning

Originally published here.

I have taken part in the course on critical thinking skills because I have a desire to study psychology at University in 18months. I would like to broaden my learning skills and become more independent in the way I view education and study.

Throughout this course I hope to learn how to better utilise my surroundings and be able to get more out of my school education and peers. I believe everyone can do this, however all will have a different method, and I hope to learn and develop what mine is. 

As for independent learning, I believe it is the study by ones self who has a desire to become an expert in a certain area. To learn effectively, one should utilise various resources, as well as those around them, to discuss the topic further. I believe that many people don’t realise just how much they can learn from the people close by, because discussion can be a great medium for the development of skills and ideas.

I have learnt that being independent doesn’t actually have to mean working on your own.