Why I want to participate in #crit101

Originally published here.

I wanted to join #crit 101 in order to become a leaner who is able to gather knowledge and adopt useful skills independently. I believe that gaining this valuable skill will help me in the future in any aspect of life. I think that by joining this course I will improve my determination and I will gain a more positive attitude to working independently and I hope to reach this point at the end of the course with success.

How do you define independent learning (skills/characteristics)?

I define independent learning as working on you own without any form of help whatsoever, I think that by being an independent learner you gather pieces of information and useful knowledge by yourself and adapt the content into something useful and productive. It is a skill which is all carried out and manipulated by the individual and constantly changed until a useful end product becomes a success. However, clearly after viewing the video I now believe independent learning to  not be a process carried out solely by the individual but I now understand that it can involve others too, who help out in the process, using skills of communication and working together with cooperation.

Can you learn to become a more in(ter)dependent learner?

I believe that you can learn to become a more in(ter)dependent learner. Some are born with a natural confidence and a drive to succeed, others aren`t. I believe that those who aren`t have equal chances of success. Through reading the articles, I can see that these skills can be learnt and one can adopt these behaviours and gain the confidence and these vital skills if they are extremely motivated and determined to reach their goal. They can thrive in whatever they chose to do, this happens because of their motivation that they started with in the first place. If there is no driving force or determination, how will anything be carried out successfully? I believe this is a vital key, to become an in(ter)dependent learner there needs to be a catalyst to want the best and ultimately to achieve the best that one can possibly achieve in their hopes and desires.