“What is the best way to cook an egg?” #Crit101

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This weeks assignment was a collaborative task on Google Docs to answer the question “What is the best way to cook an egg?” The task was to write a response to the question, work in a group, test our abilities to see how well we could research and bring our knowledge together. I learnt that research process is not short and dandy, it takes time to reach exactly what you’re looking for. However, when you have found what you are looking for it’s a sigh of relief! The reading for this week helped me break down my research, it gave me great tips on how to search the web for exactly what everything that was relevant, and this was great help as it meant that I didn’t have to spend excess time scrolling through many pages of Google to find what I wanted which would have been very time consuming, considering I had a short period of time to collect my research. I was successful in completing the research progress as I made sure that I had enough time to check my research to see if there were any faults, I also made sure that I had enough time to show my group what I collected, to make sure they were happy with my research. I made sure I knew where to collect the information before I started my research, this meant that I was able to have a good foundation. I believe that I was an effective collaborator as I made sure I put as much effort as the others did. I also made sure that I split the work and research fairly between us, so no one got more work than the other. I also made sure I asked my peers if I was unsure of anything or needed help, which I believe is a big part of effective collaborating - asking for help and listening to other people’s opinions. The challenges I faced during this project was that I didn’t know some of the group members very well and it felt out of place to be telling them what to research or what to write. I also faced a challenge of getting in contact with some of my group members as I could only get in touch with them through email, which wasn’t most reliable as their Internet connection could have been down and they had no way if getting in contact with any of us. However, the challenges I overcame was that we finished the project in time. I had doubts that we wouldn’t be able to finish it for the deadline, but we did! This weeks task was a challenge, but taught me a lot of new skills for researching and working collaboratively. Eggcellent!   

Google Doc: "What is the best way to cook an egg?"