#Crit101 Week 2. Egg Research and Findings.

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This week we were split into groups and given the task to research and come to the conclusion of ‘what is the best way to cook an egg?’

I learned many things when researching this. Such as:

  • Learning how many ways there are to cook an egg.
  • Different types of food that have egg as a main ingredient.
  • That eggs contain - vitamins, nutrients and protein.
  • How much fat goes into some eggs.

When it came to completing the project I feel like we were successful. However it was tough at the beginning as this was quite a confusing and random topic. However as the week progressed we were able to communicate online and discuss how we were going to break down the question. By the end we all knew what we were doing and were all able to finish.

I think I was an effective collaborator, however I would have to give some credit to Sabrina. She definitely steered me in the right direction when I was lost, confused or needed help.

I think the only real challenge for me was trying to write the conclusion and having to make sure I got everyone’s points down the way they had said them in the discussion. I’ve never been good at writing conclusions and I wanted to be able to challenge myself and improve seeing as that is what this course is about.

However overall I don’t think there was one person who didn’t try or weren’t focused on the task and the fact we finished is an achievement itself.

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