Week Two: Research and Enquiry

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Though I'm quite adept at research as I have undertaken both in my academic work but also in personal interest and intriguing topic I found it very beneficial to have clarified and clearly identified the aspects of both primary and secondary research. I've also found it incredibly beneficial to have qualitative and quantitated research clearly and specifically explained and identified to me as this is an area that I felt I have always been cautious about as I never quite understood it. The topic that I have learnt about from this process is the aspect of triangulation of data to build a more comprehensive picture and results to ensure that the research has a greater validity.

I believe that the group that I was in completed the research project to a very effective and comprehensive level resulting in a clear answer and solution to a very ambiguous question that could have been taking in several directions. I also think that we managed to undertaken in a wide range of research aspects including primary and secondary. However I would like to have investigated some statistical data from secondary evidence, as I feel that this would have supported and developed argument further and stronger.
Unfortunately I don't feel that I was as effective in the collaborative process as I would like to have been due to other factors interfering with the time I could've spent doing the research. As an older and experience individual within the research arena I feel that I could've supported and encouraged my fellow collaborators more to ensure that we progressed and developed a more holistic and comprehensive argument and approach towards the data and the research.

A challenge that I've faced was trying to filter and decide upon the specific arguments and sets of sub questions that I wanted to answer within my own research. Due to the nature of the question being ambiguous I found it hard to specify and focus on the sub questions that I wanted answered as they didn't flow naturally I felt. To overcome this I decided on having a focus on the health and nutrients aspects of the egg and whether that changed due to the conditions that it was cooked in or not. In this aspect I feel that I accomplish my research fully as I have a clear focus that I wanted to investigate.