#crit101 – Week 2

Originally published here.

Our instructions this week were to complete a blog post reflecting on the week’s reading and research project:
§  What did you learn about the research process?
§  How successful were you in completing the research project? Include a link to your groups’ published assignment.
§  Were you an effective collaborator? (Be honest!)
§  What challenges did you face/overcome during the project?

This week I returned to work after the Christmas break. Luckily it was a short week as there was a holiday for Australia Day on Monday. Along with my team, I was busy preparing for the new courses in our upgraded program. I am trying to influence my colleagues to use some of the great free tools available for blended learning.
With work taking priority this week, I found it difficult to find enough quality time to devote to #crit101. However, I did have a go at the ‘egg research’ and looked at the resources (particularly liked the one about using Google more effectively for research).
I was really interested in the research process outlined by James. My previous experience with research has been around ‘action research’ (qualitative?) which tends to look more at case studies, and evaluating and analysing literature to reach a conclusion. The concept of triangulation was also new to me. I was a little lost at first in what the expectations were for the task, but when the other group members started contributing, I made an effort to ‘get my head around it’.
On reading the most recent group contributions, I wondered whether I was completely off track. But as time was running out, I decided to edit the material that was there and adjust it according to James’ recommendations.  At the same time I attempted to combine the work I had completed so that it related to the content already there.  I’m not sure if I was ‘drawing a long bow’ by adding my material, so I am looking forward to feedback.
I also had a little trouble correctly adding the website references – in previous work I have always only written the link and the access date. This was at a time when there were no clear cut rules for referencing of sites, so it was great to get the (very prompt) reminder from James that they needed to be as per the Harvard method. I had another look at the linked information and made an effort to rectify the work I had included.
So did I collaborate effectively? Unfortunately I have been suffering from a terrible summer cold and not the feeling the brightest. Nevertheless, I would probably been a more effective group member had I participated earlier. On reflection, I would have been better off spending more time reading all the blogs and getting better acquainted with my other group members – interacting more with them. I did look at twitter and completed the questionnaires as requested by others.
My biggest challenge this week was finding the time to participate- and that will become even more difficult over the next few weeks as the new semester starts on the 11th Feb. At the same time I am very keen to continue, so I will try to organise my time so I can do some work earlier in the week and allow time for follow up on the weekend.