Reading and Analysis #Crit101

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This week our task was to read and analyse a specific article. 

My specific article to read was "The Chicken or the Egg" 

This week’s assignment helped me develop my skills or reading and analysis as usually when I read an article/text, I would only read it three times at the maximum, however, this task made me read the article multiple times and also made me look up things that didn’t make much sense to me. This week’s assignment also helped me understand the author(s) perspective and also made refer back to my central thesis (What is the author’s main purpose for writing this article?) 

For this week’s assignment, I reached out to some of the peers that were reading the same article as me. I got a response from one of my peers through email, however, not all of them got back to me. 

This course is helping me become more of an in(ter)dependent learner as everything that I am given, I have to learn and interpret myself. I am relying more on myself to formulate a piece of work for each week’s assignment instead of relying on a teacher for step to step guidance. I believe this course is definitely helping me become more of an independent learner.

This weeks critique.