Critical Skills 101, Week 3

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Week 3 Assignment - Google Docs

Over the last two weeks, we have been building on our skills to become independent learner by taking part in personal research about topics and building our own opinion about them. This week, we have been encouraged to evaluate our research by checking the sources and questioning their reliability and validity.

We have practiced this be looking back at the references that we used for our egg research projects from last week, and questioning whether they were reliable enough to support our points. This has helped with my understanding for effective research, as I have learned that not even the most respected of resources can be as reliable as they seem. Whilst famous chefs such as Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver may seem like the best places to turn to for information about cooking eggs, their opinions may be biased, or their own research incorrect. With this in mind, I have learned that many sources are valid, however unreliable. 

As an in(ter)dependent learner, I have found that authenticity plays a big part in making this type of learning worthwhile. If what you learn as an independent learner isn’t correct, then you aren’t going to make any progress. I have learned this week that validating your research is as important as the research itself, and is one of the most important skills to have as an independent learner. 

At the halfway point in the course, I feel that I have made alot of progress. I have found that it has already started to benefit my classwork, as I am able to offer different opinions than my peers, which has made me a valuable member of discussions and groupwork. This week has also been a great help to me, as it means that I can validate research I do for classwork, and can help me with independent learning I do outside of school as well.