Critical Skills 101, Week 1.

Originally published here.

Independent learning is something we ware all capable of. Independent learning is what shapes our personalities by defining our interests and talents. Without independent learning, I feel that we would all be the same person, as independence is what leads us into learning about things that interest us, and inspire us to be individuals. Everyone has the ability to be an independent learner. Many people will spend their life doing as little independent learning as possible, however others will choose to build apon their independence, and expand their abilities to learn independently. It is for that reason that I have decided to join Critical Skills 101. 

Independent learning, as I said before, can be done by everyone. It involves us to have an interest in what we are learning about, which is why many pupils in schools want to be spoon-fed’ by their teachers, and choose not to participate. I think it also requires us to have an idea of what we want to achieve from our learning. Without a goal, there is no reason to learn, and there is especially no reason to be independent. I think that you can learn to be an independent learner, however I think that we are all born already independent. Young children and babies learn for themselves through play and interaction. Whilst it is a requirement that children must learn to speak, or to walk, they choose to do it themselves. Similarly to these young children, independent learners can learn through play and interaction. They also need the same encouragement and feedback from peers and role models as a young child will need from their mothers, otherwise how will we know that what we are doing is correct?

Finally, young children will often try something over and over again before they learn a technique of how to get it right. I think that an independent learner will need to be patient, and willing to get things wrong a few times before they get it right. I hope that by improving my skills as an independent learner on this course, I will learn to become more patient, so that I too can develop the best techniques for me to achieve the goals that I set for myself.