#crit101 – Week Two

In week two #crit101 is turning its attention to research and enquiry. The week two page has been updated with reading material and information about this week’s assignments.

Like last week there will be a live video lecture at 7:30PM (GMT) on Monday (28.01.13). Check the blog or Twitter around 7:25 for the link. Once again the slides will be made available prior to the lecture, and a recording will be made available shortly afterwards.

The main assignment in week two requires you to conduct research and work collaboratively with your peers using Google Docs. More information about this is available on the week two page and will also be explained in detail during the introductory lecture.

The Twitter discussion will be on Wednesday (30.01.13) between 7PM and 8PM (GMT).

On top of this, I wish to encourage you all to read and comment on each others blog posts from week one. You can find them here on the #crit101 blog. I have added an archive so that it is easy to access all posts published on the site. I will be adding my own thoughts to your posts, but commenting is a key component of the blogging process, and I think it would be useful for you to keep the discussion about in(ter)dependent learning going as the course develops.

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