#edread – A Crowdsourced Twitter Discussion About Getting Kids To Read.
Resources – websites, blogs, apps, pdfs and documents that have been shared via the #edread discussion:


“Reading Revolution” – a website created by Michael Rosen to help facilitate his mission to turn every school into a ‘book loving’ school. (via @missbrownsword / @MichaelRosenYes)

“Renaissance Learning” – home of ‘Accelerated Reader Advantage’. (via @AntHeald)

“DailyLit” – read books online by daily e-mail & rss feed. (via @BiancaH80)

“BBEC English Department – Start Page” – a veritable treasure trove of teaching resources, lesson plans, homework and yes – lots of material about reading! (via @mccandjt)

“Digital Storytelling Cookbook” – a great website that takes you through the stages of planning and creating a short video story on a computer. (via @stevebunce)

“Awesome Stories” – a fantastic site that connects original source material to stories – students can read the stories and investigate a plethora of related documents adding context and depth to what they are reading. (via @dannynic)

“4Learning – Book Box” – great sites that puts kids in touch with authors, stories, poetry; lots of activities and games. (via @mccandjt)

“Book Wink” – a book guide to help kids and parents find appropraite books based on genre, author or school grade/year. (via @mccandjt)

“World Book Day” – main site for World Book Day – filled with downloadable resources, games, ideas and information. (via @jamesmichie)


“Bill Boyd – The Literacy Adviser” – great blog with lots of material about reading and literacy. (via @jamesmichie)

“A Reader’s Community – A Reader’s Workshop Blog” – a blog about the importance of reading in schools – sharing ideas, lessons, good reads and experiences. (via @mccandjt)

“Nottingham High School Reading Groups Blog”seems to have been inactive for a while but a great idea none the less. (via @4goggas)

“How To Teach A Novel” – great blog, check out the two posts below to begin with! (via @mccandjt & @areaderscomm)


“Stanza by Lexcycle” – e-book reader for iPod touch / iPhone – free, clean interface, easy to use, text can be black on white or white on black to help with reading on a small screen, lots of free books classics and modern. (via @jamesmichie)

“Quick Reads 2010” – short stories that can be downloaded to your iPod touch or iPhone. (via @jamesmichie)

Docs (Resources & Articles):

Bookmarks to encourage and help students “think about and evaluate” their reading skills. (via @BiancaH80)

“Eight Interesting Ways to Teach Reading Comprehension in the Classroom” (via @tombarrett)

“8 Tips To Help Your Child To Read” (via @russeltarr)

“33 Graphic Novels for Reluctant Readers” (via @areaderscomm)

“Getting Kids To Read” – some ideas about how to encourage kids to read. (via @jamesmichie)

“World Book Day – Resources” – a range of materials for students at all key stages. (via @jamesmichie)

“World Book Day – Games” – a variety of online games based around book series. characters and genres. (via @jamesmichie)

“Student Video ‘Gotta Keep Reading’ Inspires Nation” – interesting article about student project about the importance of reading goes viral and grabs the attention of Oprah. (Via @shannonmiller)

“A Father-Daughter Bond, Page by Page” – great article about reading aloud. (via @areaderscomm)

“Reading Newspapers” – a series of lessons to help students become more critical readers of Newspapers. (via @BiancaH80)

“What are Literature Circles?” – video explaining what Literature Circles are. (via @BiancaH80)

“Bianca Hewes PowerPoint introducing Literacy Circles” – definitely worth downloading! (via @BiancaH80)

“York Young Readers Reading Challenge” (via @AntHeald)

“Introducing Information” / “Building on the Information Interest” – two posts about using information texts in the classroom (via @areaderscomm)