Week 5- Crit101

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Unfortunately, it was really hard to get hold of group members this week, leaving doubts in the editing and what not. However, once we all managed to get in contact, we all created very different videos on this weeks topic. We are yet to join them all together but we will eventually get round to it.

The biggest issue for me was the time limitation. 30 seconds?! That’s how long it takes me to stand up!!

Please enjoy my version of Ellie Goulding- Your Song lyrics about chicken and egg as they are amusing. SEE YOU AT SCHOOL *CRY*

It’s a little bit funny, what goes on inside

I’ve got a question that will mess with your mind

I don’t know the answer, but boy if I did

I’d be a billionaire with 10 adopted kids.

And I will ask everybody, what came first

I hope you do forgive me for, this awful outburst

But what came first, what came first, the chicken or egg,

How can I answer, the things in my head”



Week 4- Crit101

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At the beginning of this week’s assignment, I thought to myself “hey, no problem” and left it to the last minute thinking “if anyone can be critical, I can”. No. No. NO. I cannot even express how wrong I was. The article I had to analyse might as well have been in a foreign language because I can assure you it was foreign to me. I will admit I had to read it about 15 times just to know what the topic of conversation was actually about! I just interpreted it my own way, and added in what I thought they meant. THAT was my criticism, it wasn’t enough and they left me wondering.

Onto the positives…

The reading this week= amazing.
This will 100% help me in the future, as I know know to break it up into sections and I find it much easier analysing the data this way.

Overall: this isn’t my strong point, but it is not my weak point either and that is okay.

Week Two #crit101

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“What is the best way to cook an egg?”
At first, I didn’t see this topic as a challenge. I thought it stupid and irrelevant. I did not enrol in crit101 to discover the many ways of cooking an egg, I enrolled to discover myself. What part of myself did I discover during week 2 of crit101? The pessimist I did not realize I was becoming. Throughout this week I have been on an emotional roller-coaster due to this stupid, irrelevant question. I have held back my potential and wasted crucial research time being negative and complaining, to then discover that this assignment isn’t a matter of life or death. That, right there, is my down-fall.

I was put into a group with Heather and Josh, which at first I wasn’t too happy with (sorry guys!). I saw Heather and Josh as horrifying people who would crush me at any chance they got, who would not listen to my ideas or my opinions as they are older and have ideas of their own. This however, was just another thing that held me back. It took me half of our set time to uncover the truth: Heather was lovely and open-minded, and Josh wasn’t going to eat me if I spoke to him. This question I eventually saw as a test of my own determination, I could come up with an answer, and I would. After I overcome my negative attitude, the research went terrificly. Heather created a great survey which thankfully we got enough responses to form our evidence and Josh helped us format our findings and lay them out correctly.

The question- once we got down and dirty with it- was a fantastic idea by Mr Michie! The question left each group with individual ideas and it was open to be lead in any direction. I also found that this weeks ‘Reading’ was really beneficial to me, as I know I will definitely carry many things mentioned with me in the future.

There were pros and cons this week, much like any other. I found it difficult to get in contact with both Josh and Heather at the same time to discuss our outline, but I think that was the only downside to this week as a whole. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or it’s shell) as you might actually learn to enjoy it.


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“Why did you enrol in the course Crit101?”
It has taken me up until this morning to think of a response that I saw worthy enough to post in answer to this question. I wish I had some sort of deep and meaningful reason as to why I enrolled, but in all honesty I don’t have an answer to offer you. The truth is I am unsure: I am unsure of my future; unsure of my choices; unsure of my capabilities; and unsure of my potential. The reason I have chosen now to respond is because I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to be unsure. Whether I will leave school to become a brain surgeon, a marine biologist, an author, or even a receptionist, I will leave with pride- this I am sure of. If I can leave the community premises feeling like I have achieved my best, then I can leave with knowledge. The knowledge that I did not give up, that I made it through the teenage years in one piece taking every opportunity I could have throughout my journey. I see Crit101 as an opportunity. I am inspired by a quote in which states “replace fear of the unknown into curiosity.” This is no PEE paragraph, but it is the closest I have come to an explanation.

I chose to enrol in Crit101 because I was a path I had not yet travelled.