Week 4 Reflection – Reading & Analysis

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This weeks assignment helped teach me not to always take for granted what is just written infront of you. Instead it is very important to always ask questions and consider the reliability of a source. Furthermore, this weeks assignment prompted me to criticise Wikipedia, and not just view it as a definite source of fact. I learnt about how it can be so very easily edited, and therefore its articles can become significantly subjective. 

As for the process of this weeks assignment, once again it was collaborative, however this time just in pairs. This collaborative work was much more efficient and successful than previous weeks. Towards the start of the week, I contacted Sana and we arranged a time to work and the google doc, as we both believed working online together at the same time would be a much easier process. Rather than constantly stopping and starting the work. We shared the work fairly and frequently discussed the contributions we would make. Therefore I think be worked together well.

Overall so far on the course, not only is it teaching me how to improve skills important for later life self-lead work, but also importantly, time management skills. It is key to organise yourself effectively in order to be able to complete all parts of the assignments set. 

Our analysis of the article: