Week Three: Reflection

Originally published here.

I thought that this weeks follow up project was very important, even more so than last weeks project. I think this because we learnt a very crucial technique, which is to be able to critique your own work.

One must be honest and realistic when evaluating research, because when publishing findings, you will want them to be able to be generalised to various other settings and or populations. This can only happen if there is high reliability and validity. Therefore necessary skills to know how to test. 

Overall, on the #crit101 course so far, I feel I have been stretched to build upon elementary skills and knowledge I have of independent learning, collaborative work and the measures of validity and reliability, and develop them in to scientific techniques and skills that I will be able to apply in real life.

I also believe the course is very helpful to my study of psychology, because the topics we are discussing in #crit101 are helping me to understand psychological studies in more depth, by me being able to evaluate, discuss and collaborate with others better.